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"Hey Derek .... My name is Todd Ashburn and I am a songwriter and bass player in Nashville... Just wanted to say how much I admire you and the groove you laid down with CBB... Awesome and never duplicated.. Your vocals on "I love you" may be the best vocals in music history ( my opinion )... Anyways"

Todd Ashburn
Nashville, TN

"Derek, hey guy! I cannot believe I've actually found an address for you. I am such a fan of your voice. "I Love You" would be in my Top 10 of all time, seriously. I would be honored to have a signed photo from you, To Chrys, if you could. I can send along a SASE, if you need. I'm just such a fan. To hear from you would be more than wonderful. However, if you haven't the time, I completely understand and hope this note finds you well. Much appreciation for simply reading it..."

Ohio USA

"I love you"...What a great song.....what great memories! 1981 was a tough year for me and the words and melody of this song struck me deep inside. I hope you realize just how many of us relate to this song and hope also that it helped you find the perfect lady as I have. Thank you for an absolutely perfect song that I love singing even today......timeless perfection. Thank you, Derek!"

Chris Anderson

"I hope that this doesn't sound to silly, but I grew up a Star Wars fan and I enjoyed the animated series, Droids. I hope you don't mind this request, but as you co-wrote the theme song for the series, I would like to get your autograph. If this isn't a bother I would greatly appreciate this with whatever information you can provide to do this."

Shaun Holbrook

Greetings Derek,
  I can't believe that I have finally found you on line. I hope that this e mail finds you in both good health and spirits. I hope your holidays were wonderful. Derek I am sure that you get e mails all the time with regards to the song you wrote and had performed with The Climax Blues Band "I Love You" It's a masterpiece and I just wanted to say thank you for creating it for the whole world and myself to enjoy. I was just 16 years old and the song was always being played in my car full blast being dedicated to the woman of my life. To all the first loves. Now at the age of 50, I have a woman that I have dedicated that song to and that songs says it all. Her name is Jodanna Jo for short. So let me thank you once again for being my friend and singing "I Love You"  Scotty West I am in Southern California perhaps an autographed photo to me Scotty would or might be possible? If so Derek that would be the greatest gift of all.

Scotty West
3865 Gundry Ave.
Long Beach,Ca90807

Best wishes, Scotty West    

Mr. Holt

Hope this email finds you well.

Just a note if I may.    Your song I love you when you were with CBB was one of my favorites when I was a kid.   I remember asking my mother to take me to Denver to a record store to buy the album.   We live way up in the mountains but I finally convinced her and got the album and played it and played it.

As I got older and the albums to 8 tracks to cassettes to CD happened the album got lost.   Over the years I tried to find that album but never could.   When the song appeared in Kevin Smith's movie, it was fantastic.   I bought it and played it for my wife, who had never heard it.  

The song speaks a ton to many different people I am sure, but for me it was almost exactly how she and I got together 25 years ago...long hair and all.   :)  It is great that I can share it with my son too...who at 8 likes it but would rather me play AC/DC.    Girls are still the enemy in the 3rd grade but little does he know what is going to happen in a few years.

I read an article on SongFacts that had some quotes about the song and its history.  (god I love the internet)  It is amazing that the other band mates did not see or want to play that song.   Thank god you stood up and got it recorded.

Thank you for sharing it with us.  IF you ever get to LA (Orange County Ca) I owe you a pint.

Steven Schaap

This became song for me and my wife in 2006. I dedicated it to our marriage when I was away in Army for a year. Loved it as a kid. One day I found CD in store and since then I never looked back, it's almost like living a dream. 
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I spent years trying to figure out what song this was. Go figure, Googling "I love you" comes back with millions of hits.
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What a beautiful story. I heard this song for the first time today - Just stood by the radio to find out who it was by and the DJ said Climax Blues Band - I love you. Jotted down to find if it was on Youtube and here i am. It a very nice song. I wish you both happiness - Take care :)
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@froguz Derek Holt wrote it.
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I want this to be my song to my future husband. I love this song...
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@osbornehunter nope, I'm a drummer, and love the drumming in this song.
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Absolutely love this song!! Good old days!
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That's so amazing!! I wish you both very much happiness
What balls to have a song called "I Love You"! Only this song, only this band could get away with it!  :) Ah, to be in puberty when this song came out :) I felt this song was for me back then...LOL
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Art Lengel so fine this takes me back to feeling by feeling of my jagged, winding road that led to my my wife of now 32 years. Thanks!!!
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One of the most beautiful songs ever!!!
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The guitar solo is George Harrisonesque. Reminds me of "Something
Hi Derek,

I am just writing to you on a whim as I recently heard again some songs you had written for Climax and remembered how much I enjoyed your songwriting, which led me to search for you on emusic (where I downloaded the “Sunflowers” album and added the others to my saved section for future purchase) and then a Google search which led me to your website. (a deep breath after that long sentence!)

Like so many, I became a big fan of the song “I Love You” when it was first released but had no idea who it was by. It sounded like a great lost Pete Ham track! Just a perfectly formed 3 (or perhaps 4) minute pop song. When I learned it was The Climax Blues Band I had to do a double take as I had Climax albums in my collection (I loved FM Live) and never suspected this could be the work of the same band that had such a hard edged blues style. I immediately renewed my acquaintance with the band and, in particular, searched out songs that had a D. Holt songwriting credit. I remember “Darlin’” being a highlight on Lucky For Some. I remember Climax broke up soon after, and as this was the pre-internet days it wasn’t always easy to keep up with the activities of artists, so admittedly I lost track of your career after that.

Anyway, “I Love You” is one of those evergreen songs and always brings a smile to my face when I hear it, and I look forward to bringing myself up to date on the music you have continued doing since. It’s great to see you still have a passion for music and sharing it with the world.

Thank you for your time in reading this. I just wanted to thank you for some wonderful music and let you know you have a loyal listener (disregarding any previous lapses!) and I look forward not only to catching up but any music still to come in the future!

Take Care,
Dear Mr. Holt, I will be married 40 years  next year and my daughter is getting married today. 
I just wanted to say thank for that beautiful song  “ I Love You “  it meant something special to me 
from the first day I heard it and it resonants  and has even more meaning for me today. 
I will be requesting this song to day be played at the wedding and hope 
to dance with my wife and daughters to that song. Thank you again.

Lawrence McCarron
New York

Words can't express the way that my heart feels right now.  It's swelled up with gratitude and hope 
for humanity.  Thank you, with everything that I have for sharing your wonderful gift with me. 
 It's really incredible to see that someone would go out of their way to help a complete stranger.  
I appreciate this more than you'll know.  I can't wait to tell you how they react.  
Your actions are going to make two people feel so happy- and these two people could really 
use that right now.  You are awesome.  

A million times thank you,

Ashley Markowitz 
Dear Mr Holt,
 My name is Barry Cambre and I live in a small town just outside of Baton Rouge Louisiana. I am 51 and my wife Denise is 47. On December 14, 1991 we were married in New Orleans, where we lived in an adjoining small town called Chalmette. My lovely bride an I danced our first dance to " I Love you" by none other than you. Since then a lot has happened. We had 2 terrifically kids, Joseph 20 and Jordin 19, both in college. In 2005 hurricane Katrina wiped out my home and all my possessions. At the time I thought it was the worst thing that could ever happen to me. I was wrong! We came to Baton Rouge and stayed with family. We put our heads together and planned our path forward. We agreed that our life in Chalmette was over and we had to move on. That same week we had our kids enrolled in a catholic school, within 2 weeks I had a job with an engineering company (and I am still with them today) in 3 months we purchased a new home and Denise got a job with a X-Ray company. So in hind site we are much better off than before and now I tell everyone that Katrina was the best thing that ever happened to me. Sorry for the long background rant so I wii tell to the real reason for this email.
  On December 14, 2016 it will be my wife and I's 25th wedding anniversary and like most dumb men I always screw up on the present ( the cake dish was the worst). This year I want to do something really special for her as a romantic surprise. I am trying to find out where and if you are performing on December 14, 2016 so maybe I can possibly catch your show and have you sing "I Love You" for us. I know it's a long shot but if I could somehow pull off this surprise she might let me stick around for another 25 years are so...LOL.
If you would like to contact me, you have my email now and my other contact information is as follows:
Barry Cambre By the way Derek, that song really tells the story of my life. I was living in Baton Rouge and Denise was living in Chalmette. We met in a bar in Florida on spring break. At that time in my life I was hanging out with a group of friends that were good people and it was the 80's and we were all doing some, let's say less than legal substances. It was fun, we partied all the time and thought that was the life. Then Denise "Came along from far away", New Orleans, only 80 miles, and truly changed my life. She put me on the right path and helped me make one of the most important decisions of my life. I could continue down the road I was on, partying, drinking and other things OR I could stop all that, get a real job where I could advance my career and my life with her. I am so grateful that with her help and the help of God looking after me I made the right decision! After 24+ years we are doing fantastic! The song I chose for our first dance probably is more true today than it was back then.
 Thank you so much for your words, your actions and your music. It's more than just a song, you really do change peoples life.
God BlessDear Derek-Hello Derek!

I love the Internet! I Love You was our first dance song at our wedding reception 20 years ago on July 19, 1996 at Lawry's The Prime Rib in Beverly Hills!

I'm a former radio DJ and a wedding and event DJ. We were looking for just the right song for our first dance and I remembered I Love You and it was perfect!!!

The other day, I stumbled across the Climax Blues Band video on YouTube and truly enjoyed watching you perform it, as I had never seen the video.

Just now, I was in the shower and was thinking who is the man that was the lead singer, and was very pleased to have found it was you!!!!

Just a little note to say hello and thank you for I Love You!

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